Tuesday, August 2, 2011

FACTORYMEN -- Yellow Eyes & The Sound of Vomit

Yellow Eyes & The Sound of Vomit
Vinyl 12” EP + 25 track mp3 download

More Mensa material from the Rust Belt. FACTORYMEN is a sociopathic, meticulously crafted studio project that centers around Steve Peffer (Homostupids, Folded Shirt, Pleasure Leftists, etc.). It involves the targeted misuse of Rock & even Dance Music instruments and it’s certain to test the patience of your roommate, lover, or father. Yellow Eyes & The Sound of Vomit is an obtuse, off-putting, though catchy mini-album. These are the types of tunes that will roll around in your empty head and you’ll recall them, with horror, as you wait for the bus or write a check for rent or when you beg for forgiveness from your boss after your latest fuck-up. This record is the soundtrack to unpleasantness.

305 copies. Covers silk-screened by Neil Burke at Monoroid.

Includes mp3 download for Yellow Eyes... + Shitman + the debut FACTORYMEN 45 on My Mind’s Eye Records.

$12 + shipping

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

VIOLENT STUDENTS -- Party Addiction

Here's the last gasp effort from VIOLENT STUDENTS, a defunct Philadelphia-based black hole Punk / HC outfit whose wasters have been and continue to be involved in some arguably more-refined and mature projects. This self-medicated, throbbing set was recorded live at their final gig inside a South Philadelphia firetrap before a crowd of black-clad pencil-necked geeks that shrank with each passing tic of the metronome. Most of those intensely posed youngsters left too early to witness an exploratory stomp through “Seekers of the Truth”. The Students here are joined by BLUES CONTROL’s Lea Cho, who was a last second replacement on guitar when Jim Winters (of Earth Crisis, Conviction, etc) proved tardy. The flip side is A Handy Magician, originally infamously issued as a cassette in 2004 or so. And as a more articulate scribe has famously noted, if you remember a Violent Students gig, then you weren’t there.

Liner notes courtesy of Tony Rettman.


The Trilogy by BRAINWASHED YOUTH. It starts off with an outtake from the Bonham solo in "Moby Dick" and then it kicks into some furious punk rock / oi! music that's thoroughly indebted to the Crown, the Union Jack, and all the mugs in England. It’s all courtesy of some infamous blockheads who have surfaced in groups like the Inmates, H-100s, Wolfdowners, and even Integrity.

$6 + shipping to the US

PURLING HISS -- Hissteria

Hissteria by PURLING HISS. It’s two sides of hi-energy psychedelic punk rock & roll that manages to weld Funhouse‘s dialed-in sleaze rhythms to the hungover excess of Hendrix at Woodstock. Or Ginn at Polliwog Park. It’s full of clanging cymbals, howling vocals, fretboard heroics, and menacing vibes.
Purling Hiss is the work of a well-mannered longhair named Mike Polizze, who is best known for his reckless shredding as the guitar player for Philadelphia’s BIRDS OF MAYA. Hissteria is a suitable soundtrack for zonked drives across the dead highways of the USA. Or for predawn paranoid sessions as you pace back and forth in the kitchen trying figure out just what the hell you’re going to do, man.
Or just crank it real loud when the party gets strange. Some people will love it and the rest of them can just go somewhere else and go fuck themselves.

$12 + shipping to the US

Limerence / Space Roots by PURLING HISS by TestosterTunes

BIRDS OF MAYA w/ Harmonica Dan -- Regulation

It's the third vinyl release from Phila's BIRDS OF MAYA and it's a scorching outlaw anthem titled 'Regulation'. This one finds the rock-solid Killinger/Leaphart/Polizze unit joined by Harmonica Dan, a veteran of institutions such as Boogie Witch, the Mega-Jam Booze Band, and the Philadelphia Record Exchange.

$5 + shipping to the US

Regulation by BIRDS OF MAYA w/ HARMONICA DAN by TestosterTunes

BIRDS OF MAYA -- Ready to Howl

Here it is. It's the most ambitious TestosterTunes release to date: a 3-song, double-LP by the three men of Philadelphia's BIRDS OF MAYA. It's called Ready To Howl and it's the soundtrack to an upcoming feature length film of the same name. Formed in 2002, Birds of Maya is the finest meat n potatoes neanderthal rock group operating today, and they're undoubtedly the outfit most committed to creating throbbing, thoroughly relentless, blues-based hard rock. Astute listeners will note nods to the fried power-rock of Split-era Groundhogs or the relentless garage mayhem of High Rise recorded under claustrophobic sub-Funhouse decadence. Anyone with ears will hear fried-Hendrixisms all over this thing.

$20 + shipping to the U.S.

HOME BLITZ -- Out of Phase

The debut full-length album from NJ-based power-pop act HOME BLITZ. According to Dusted Magazine: However sloppy the instrumentation and prankish the attitude, Home Blitz is never precious, always epic. Playful without being self-aware, confident without getting comfortable, and far too odd to cross over, Home Blitz is the real thing. And it moves too fast for the sourball lyrics to break the momentum. As cynical as it gets, Home Blitz is still a raucous, unpredictable party.
It's for sale and it comes with a lyric sheet and an mp3 download. It was written, performed, and recorded by Daniel DiMaggio in Princeton, NJ and it was mastered to vinyl by Bob Weston at the Chicago Mastering Service in Chicago. What does it sound like? It sounds like the greatest album that Home Blitz has ever released on Richie Records // TestosterTunes.

$13 + shipping to the US

Two Steps by HOME BLITZ by TestosterTunes